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Essay Topics In Environmental Economics: 20 Interesting Problems

Your aim as a student should ideally be that you select an interesting essay topic on environmental economics that is also unique and different. This is the best way to grab the attention of your teacher. However, here is a suggestive list of topics on environmental economics that might come in handy to inspire you and get you started.

Topics on environmental economics

  1. The problem of overfishing and how this is related to the economy of the region
  2. Laboratory animal welfare and how this affects the economy
  3. Economic evaluation of the depletion of phosphorus and how recycling can be brought into the picture
  4. How double dividends are connected to a successful green tax reform
  5. How is household recycling connected to the economy
  6. How fishing licenses are related to recent droughts
  7. Hurricane disasters’ impact on the entire country’s economy
  8. How climate change can affect a household and its economy
  9. Land Conservation policies and Natural Disasters
  10. How the economy is affected by Food Safety & Quality Laws
  11. Economic effects of migration from rural to urban areas
  12. Economic effects of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
  13. The economic implications of the Farm Management Systems
  14. Agra-Environmental policies (negatives and positives)
  15. Consumer behavior related to organic food marketing
  16. the relationship between the Housing Market and the environment
  17. Living standards in different countries related to the environment
  18. How market distortion leads to pollution
  19. Environmental cost of road transportation in the country
  20. How much does a polluter actually pay?

The above are essay topic ideas for a paper for you to write on environmental economics. It is important to remember that these can serve only as helpful prompts. The above list is environmental, economic problems that have been presented to you.

The best way to find a topic for your own paper would be to use one of the above problems as a prompt to come up with a topic of your own, expand on one of the ideas or to use one of the above problems in a different country or see how it relates to a different country or part of the world.

The key to finding an interesting topic is to find one that has either not been looked at before, or you are looking at a common problem from a different angle. This kind of an essay will obviously require a lot of research and studying on the subject you select which is why you should pick a topic that you are truly interested in.