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How To Write An A+ Reflective Essay On Communication- A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are writing a reflective essay, you will need to examine your past experiences. So, if you are writing one on communication, you will want to reflect on how well you communicate with others. You would want to let your instructor know about how well a lecture or lesson relating to communication has helped you understand how you communicate the best with others. Relate direct information from class to your paper to show what you have learned. There are some great ways to accomplish this assignment. Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a reflective essay on communication and what you have learned about how you communicate.

  • - Go through your text book
  • Go through your text book and jot down some of the communication techniques, theories, or concepts that relate to you and how you communicate with others. The number of these that you should write down would ultimately depend on how long your paper has to be. Try to focus on three at the least.

  • - Brainstorm some ideas
  • Use this list to brainstorm some specific examples for each one of the concepts on your list. Think about how you used that type of communication or how the concept applied to a situation that you were in.

  • - Create an outline
  • The next step would be to plan your paper out. An outline is the backbone of your paper. You will put all of the key ideas in order that you want to talk about in your paper.

  • - Add transitions
  • It is best to add any transitional phrases to the outline instead of adding them in the draft. That way you will be able to link main ideas and not sub topics.

  • -Develop your rough draft
  • You will use your outline to create a rough draft. Make sure to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each supporting detail should be explained in the body paragraphs in its own paragraph. Be sure to add evidence from a credible source to support your reasons and then also explain them to your reader.

  • - Proofread and edit paper
  • When you finish writing that conclusion, many students think that they are done. You may hit the review button and fix the problems that it catches and just save it and go. This is a bad habit. You need to read it through carefully several times to make sure that it is error free before handing it in.