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Creating A Long Essay On A Balanced Diet: Advice From A Professional

You could be in any of these classes; home economics or physiology. Your lecturer or teacher has asked you to cook up an essay on balanced eating habits. In home economics, it has everything to do with healthy eating alternatives while the physiology experiment may have something to do with test subjects. Either way, you need to prepare an essay.

What is a long essay?

This article leads you through that process with a few useful ideas. The brief may have been vague, but the answer should be easily provided with a dose of common sense. Three hundred words do not suffice. Nor are you being asked to write an 80,000-word novel. Anything around 2,000 words should work. Usually, a word count is provided as a guide.

Defining the balanced diet

Home economics students should have a head start on their physiology peers here. Effective essays begin with a good introduction that is followed by one or two leading paragraphs. The paper makes a complimentary entrée with a detailed definition of what a balanced diet entails. Following paragraphs make concrete suggestions (this will have been suggested briefly in the introduction).

Real life experiments

Best research always begins and ends with real life scenarios. Here, you do not even need to go further than your own kitchen for now. You could examine your own eating regimen, which may include an unhealthy intake of burgers and fast fries and investigate ways and means to remedy this imbalance.

Reading and research

The internet is already overstocked with hundreds of diet suggestions, many of them by rank amateurs who, in turn, have relied on credible sources elsewhere. You cannot base your thesis on what has been said online. Turn to your library and source the relevant catalogs on nutrition and health.

The best sources

Invariably, the library will have many books written by qualified nutritionists and medical experts specializing in healthy eating alternatives. Helpful as these resources are, they will also provide readers with recipe suggestions and definitive lists of food groups which should be included in the crafting of a balanced eating plan.

Unique ways to craft the essay

Adopting academic standards, you should be able to provide several options for healthy, balanced eating plans because there is no one universal recipe. You should strive to go beyond stating the obvious. Effective research methodologies will enable the discovery and interrogation of something original, sometimes within the domain of alternative medicine.

Finally, the essay should be composed persuasively because you are endeavoring to convince your reader to exchange unhealthy eating practices for the better, balanced solutions that you have proposed.