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Writing An Illustration Essay Rough Draft: 4 Helpful Hints

Writing a illustration essay is not a very difficult task if you keep in mind the basics of writing a quality essay. The illustration essay comprises of an introduction, the main body and the conclusion where you have to discuss your point of view on a assigned topic with suitable examples in support of your perspective. They are the most to the point and simplest of the number of essays that you will come across. Hence their popularity as an assignment loved by student is much notable. The basic thing that you can do is write a rough draft of your writing before writing a fair copy. Here we are going to share some of the best tips that will help you with writing a quality illustrative essay:

  • - Write the introduction with keywords related to the topic: The introduction is important and hence you should maintain a quality of writing in the introduction. The introduction should contain the key factors you are going to highlight in the course of the essay. These keywords should be frequented in the later part of the write-up.
  • - Be attentive with your description: while writing a descriptive piece it can often lead to confusions because of the length of the write-up so you should be attentive about the description that you are writing and make sure that you do not repeat points and add to the bulk of your writing unnecessarily.
  • - The comparisons should be relatable by the readers: The readers should be able to understand the content and relate to the points made in the write-up. The examples should not be too difficult or farfetched as it would dissuade the reader if they cannot understand what you are talking about.
  • - Conduct surveys and interviews about the topic to be aware of other’s views as well: your understanding of the view of majority is essential to write a good illustrative essay. You should be thorough about the opinions that other people share on the same matter. You may even come across good argumentative points in such interviews which will enrich your write-up further.
  • - Thoroughly revise your rough draft: The rough draft must be well revised before finalizing on the writing and any grammar and spelling mistakes should be rectified. The examples and arguments you have used should be authentic and logical enough for making a strong impact on the audience.