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A List Of 15 Argumentative Essay Topics On Education For Undergraduate Students

An argumentative essay is an article that discusses differing points of view. In your essay, you choose one side of the argument and give indisputable evidence to support your point of view. The format of the article is similar to most other pieces in that you need an introduction, body and conclusion. There are a few minor differences but the layout is basically the same. If you can picture yourself in a courtroom, you can picture an argumentative essay.

Here is a list of a few topic for argumentative essays concerning education:

  1. 1. Should electronics be allowed in the classroom?
  2. 2. Should we change the way we grade our students?
  3. 3. Should teachers be graded for advancement and get compensated for their performance in the classroom?
  4. 4. Should written tests carry most of the weight for grades or should we allow participation to be considered?
  5. 5. Should pupils be allowed to take a class on their religion in the schools?
  6. 6. Should students attend school all year round?
  7. 7. Should schools be locked during school hours?
  8. 8. Should physical fitness class be mandatory for graduation?
  9. 9. How many students should be allowed in each class in elementary school?
  10. 10. Should one teacher be solely responsible for the advancement of a student?
  11. 11. Should standardized tests be forced on our pupils?
  12. 12. Should computers be mandatory supplies for students?
  13. 13. Should athletics be part of the budget or should the students pay for it themselves?
  14. 14. Should there be metal detectors at all entrances of the school?
  15. 15. Should junk food be served in vending machines in schools?

I have listed just a few topics concerning our schools. There are thousands of topics that could be discussed. You need to find something that you are passionate about so that you can get excited about your essay and hopefully pass that enthusiasm on to your reader. An argumentative essay forces you to give concrete evidence in support of your point of view. Just like in a court case, the more solid evidence you have to prove your side of the argument, the better chance you have of convincing your readers that your position is the correct one. In the end, you want your audience to come over to your way of thinking and agree with you in whatever you are trying to prove. The better job you do, the better chance you have of convincing your reader to think like you do.