Tips To Use

How To Make Your Essay On Nelson Mandela Stand Out

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in South Africa in 1918. He then went on to be a hero, politician, and humanitarian who helped change the country of South Africa. Many World history and Political Science classes study the man. You should be prepared to know how to make your essay on Nelson Mandela stand out from the other papers.

Making Your Composition Stand Out

  • - Know his early life, the trails and the tribulations, as these components are what helped to mold the man
  • - Consider the country of South Africa and explore the racism and the government
  • - Look at his arrest, what led up to the arrest, his punishments, his time in jail
  • - Look at his humanitarian efforts as you seek to make your essay on Nelson Mandela stand out
  • - Among the civil right’s leaders, see where you think Mandela stands and be ready to study his accomplishments
  • - Look at his political changes and be ready to talk about their immediate impact and well as the continuing impacts
  • - If you want to make your essay stand out, approach Mandela from his love of soccer, his goals for soccer, and his philosophy on the healing powers of the sport
  • - The man and the myth-this makes for a great compare and contrast paper
  • - Look at the tiny events in his life that happen to re-occur, such as his fascination with sports and soccer, follow that thread throughout life
  • - There are some flaws in all great men, while most people do not focus on them with him, it might make for an interesting paper to play the devil’s advocate in this composition
  • - As with any other paper, the prewriting is important. Pick your outstanding topic, pick your main points, and then create your outline. Use academic, credible, and valid sources for your support. Try to have interviews and strong research. Once you complete the outline, you can then move to the rough draft of the piece. You can edit and proof and then move on to the final draft. As always, if you are not very good at editing, you might want to have someone else who is qualified and do it with you. You are going to have in-text citations and a reference page. This topic should be fun and you should be able to select a topic that you are intrigued and interested in personally.