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The MLA Comparative Essay Format: 5 Points To Consider

If you have been asked to write a comparative essay for your class work or you are supposed to write a comprehensive report at your work place, you will need to start by choosing two subjects with enough differences and similarities that you need to compare. This could be two government systems or two sports. Once you get the two things to compare, you should find 2 or 3 comparison points and use facts, research and well organized paragraphs to captivate and impress your readers. Here are 5 things to consider.

Analyze the question

You may already have idea on what you want to write about. But if this does not meet the prompt, it may be difficult for you to create what your instructor has asked for. Therefore, consider the prompt and underline key phrases. Some of the words that are used include compare, contrast, differences and similarities. Consider whether they are any limits placed on what you can write about.

What to write about

While some assignments may be an easy compare and contrast type of work, there are others that you will need to begin with a framework before developing an argument or evaluation based on the comparison. You will be given a question which you are supposed to use as a guiding principle. For instance, you can be asked to compare two authors or their approach to matters of poor governance.

Consider the basis of comparison. This will offer you with the context of the comparison as you will have an idea on how to compare the two things. You should also have a thesis to show the reason for the comparison,. Before you can start writing, you will need to outline your comparison. You can do this using a simple bullet point methods or you can write down your points in a rough draft.

Use mixed paragraphs

Address both sides of the comparison in every paragraph. You should compare one aspect in the paragraph and another aspect in the other paragraph. Ensure that you address each subject in this order especially if it is a long essay where detail and depth are needed.

Write the paper

Ensure that it has 3 parts; the body, conclusion and intro which should be the last. The topic sentence should be the first in the body and should address what you will cover. The middle paragraph outlines the information you have gathered and the conclusion gives details that you have come to the end. The aim is to make the reader feel that he has learnt something new.