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How To Make Citations In An Essay: Vital Tips For College

Students are offered many pieces of advices one among which is starting the essay with a bang. This means that their introduction should be highly impressive and should keep the reader intact grabbing their attention. Another way is to begin the introduction with a quotation which is another way to leave a high impact on your readers stating that they are pursuing their writing on the right track.

Follow these eminent tips while you are citing the resources

  1. 1. Collect all the information at one place you need to use as a reference so that you do not need to open the book or website again and again.
  2. 2. Prepare their notes precisely stating the sources of each part citing your work.
  3. 3. Always use quotation mark while you are quoting somebody’s work or somebody’s words. Not only it will keep you away from the blame of plagiarism but will present authenticity of the work.
  4. 4. Offer credit to the original authors, their ideas and for the information collected.
  5. 5. Cited sources should be accurate and show that the researcher has followed a set of guidelines strictly.
  6. 6. Double check your content and ensure that all your conventions, capitalization, font styles, alphabetization and format concerns have been properly met.
  7. 7. Undeniably, you need to follow your instructor’s guidelines. One among which is quoting your sources from a variety of places. It is necessary that you enlist all these sources at the end of your essay. The order of all these references is sometimes arranged in alphabetical order and sometimes on the basis of priority.

Citation style used in books:

  • - Use abbreviation of author’s first name. It can be either in the form of one initial or both the initials.
  • - Capitalize the title and make it one sentence. Do not underline it.
  • - “2nd ed.” denotes second edition of the book. For first edition, no entry is made. Notations are made for 2nd edition onwards.
  • - It is mandatory that you mention city of publication and the publisher’s name.
  • - Year of publication always follows the name of the author.
  • - Place periods as a standard form.
  • - Indentation of all lines should be after the first line.

Formats for citations in the literature (books and journals):

  • - It is necessary that you offer complete citations for all the published sources.
  • - The citation entries should be made in alphabetical order. They are based on first author’s last name.
  • - In case the same author is cited for different papers, the paper should present the chronological sequence along with the year of publication.
  • - The names of the authors should be listed in the same way as they are published in the entire essay or article.