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A Quick Guide To Writing A Persuasive Essay Outline

Persuasive essay can be fondly termed as the younger sibling of an argumentative essay. Muscles and bones are the same; difference if any is in the platelets. The former does not get into an express mode and only mildly diffracts the topic.

Be knowledgeable

Whenever you write such a piece, it is best that you create the outline first. It gives your work a framework from which to proceed with. You should be clear about the demands and vagaries of the topic theme and advance accordingly.

Feel the pulse

You should first assess the topic and feel its pulse; identifying your take on it. Your perspective should be clear and independent; it should not be influenced by cajolement or someone else’s view.

Weighing the topic

You should assess both the pros and cons of the essay topic and then balance one against the other. You should also assess the long-term effects if the topic carries through in reality and also if it is curbed. You should tilt towards the paradigm which offers a ready solution.

Emphasis on points

You should then jot down the major points both in favor and against the topic. You need to point out the direct and indirect impact it has on general life or the life it aims at. These will act as stations; junctures for your persuasive essay.

A suitable conclusion

Carve out a substantial conclusion from what you have outlined. There should be an element of revelation in your conclusion to give a spirit of freshness to the topic. The carry-over should be redoubtable. Since it is a persuasive essay, you cannot dwell into the regime of assumptions and doubts.

A fresh start

The Introduction has to have the fragrance and bite to straightaway generate attention and curiosity. You need to make readers familiar with the topic and its impact on the relevant society. Things grow from there.

Here are a few persuasive essay topics for your reference –

  1. All countries should straightaway go partially off-the-grid
  2. All schools should be compulsorily made co-ed
  3. Kids should be allowed to choose their subjects in school, as they do in colleges
  4. There should be a yearly grading of teachers done by students
  5. Digital pornography should be encouraged for view in a bid to check teen sex
  6. Killers should be kept in cell in groups of three so they remain permanently in fear
  7. There should be a fine for plucking roses off the plants
  8. College education should be made free
  9. Security camera is a direct invasion of privacy
  10. There should be strict regulation on useless wastage in luxurious weddings