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15 Thought-Provoking Topics For A Top-Grade School Essay

Okay, so it’s that time of the month again: essay time! You have probably by this point in your school life written so many of them that feel as if you might start turning them out in your sleep. Great, it’s fantastic to have confidence in your own abilities. However, your primary aim should now be to produce a top-grade paper. Yes, it’s time to kiss goodbye to the mediocre and say hello to the exceptional.

Assuming that you know how to structure you work. Here are 15 thought-provoking topics that should help secure you that all important top grade:

  • - Can zoos ever be seen as a healthy alternative to an animal’s natural habitat? Explore the threats to remaining in the wild and the pitfalls of a life in captivity.
  • - What is an appropriate weekly wage for a premier league footballer? Should there be a cap on earnings? Should there be no barriers to how much someone can earn if their club is willing to pay it?
  • - Is the death penalty just society’s way of dealing with a sickening crime? Does it really serve any purpose? Can murderers ever be rehabilitated? Should they be rehabilitated? Is showing mercy the best solution?
  • - Should student feedback directly impact upon their teacher’s salary? Would a performance related pay scale of this nature be beneficial? Would it encourage teachers to be creative, or simply give students a stick in which to beat their teachers with?
  • - The interests of corporate companies versus the interests of the natural world
  • - Should there be a limit to the amount of media censorship allowed
  • - If someone kills your loved one, should you have the right to murder that person in return?
  • - If a man and woman have ever had sex, can they then go onto new relationships and still be friends with the person they had sex with.
  • - Witchcraft as a religion
  • - Should teenagers be given contraceptives without their parent’s consent?
  • - Is America a democracy?
  • - Black rights in America
  • - Should the rights of an animal ever be considered more important than the rights of its owner
  • - Is it ethical to hide an illegal alien from the authorities
  • - Diet coke versus full sugar coke