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How To Create An Illustration Essay On The Worst Job: Tips & Tricks

An illustration essay is the paper where the writer needs to explain his topic using examples, relevant data, concrete facts, and evidence to help the readers relate to the topic. You need to use words like for example, for instance, as shown in, as observed, as illustrated, similar to etc. These words and phrases are transitional words that you use for showing an example and relating to things to one another. The purpose of this paper is to judge the writing skills of the students and see how they apply practical knowledge into writing and explaining their ideas. The teacher would have some specific instructions for the length, type, format, and subject and data collection for your paper. You should make sure that you note down all of these instructions and follow them closely in order to get a good grade

  1. 1. If you are to write an illustration paper on the worst job, then you already have a subject. You do not have to narrow down a broader subject or think of any subject areas because the teacher already gave you a subject to start with. This will help you reduce your efforts and time that you would have elsewise spent on choosing a subject. It is important that you pick a topic to write about the given subject. You can pick any job and write about it depending upon your opinions and preferences. Avoid copying others because what might be a best job for them would be a worst job for you.
  2. 2. When you decide your topic, go ahead, and create your major arguments to write about this topic. If for example, you decide to write that being a surgeon is the worst job ever then you would have to develop logical and strong arguments for why you believe so. The number of major arguments depends on the total number of body paragraphs you are to include in your paper. If you have to write a standard five-paragraph essay, then you will have three body paragraphs and three major arguments respectively
  3. 3. Find factual and authenticated supporting evidence to support your major arguments in the paper. The data you collect should be valid, recent, fresh and authenticated. You should analyze the raw materials you collect for your paper before you include them in your assignment
  4. 4. Write the first draft of your paper and edit it later