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What To Know About The Outline Format For A College Essay

When writing an essay, how you arrange your work matters a lot. Many students do have good ideas on how to write an essay but sometimes putting those ideas in an orderly manner becomes a problem. Remember the person marking your essay does not have all the time in the world trying to figure out how your essay is supposed to be arranged. Knowing what is supposed to be where can make it very easy for anyone to understand your work. Below are points to help you improve on this

Main topics

Ensure you come up with a good topic for your content outline. Choose a topic that will keep your readers engaged and focused. Your title topic should be precise and clearly describe what you have included in your essay. The topic should not anyhow exceed 15 words or have less than nine words.


Under the main topics, you should include subtopics that expound more on the main topic. Again, in this case your subtopic should also be precise and to the point.


After highlighting both the topic and subtopics, it is now time to give details on what the essay topic and subtopic is all about. As you do this, do not try to stray away from the main topic and start talking something different. Do not mix ideas for example confusing ideas in main topic with those of main topic two. It will lead the readers to miss the primary objective of your essay.


After you are done with one subtopic, introduce another subtopic under the same main topic. Each main topic should have at least 2 sub topics so as to simplify your essay. You should also not forget the numbering style. Whether you are using numerical or letters they should always follow an order like the one being used here.


Elaborate your sub topic by giving clear information that describes what exactly is on the sub-topic. When giving such details, ensure you remain focused on the ideas of your main topic.


Elaborate further on your details under this section. Remember you are trying to make your essay easy to understand.

The decimal format is usually used with numbers rather than letters. Their main objective is to show the relationship between ideas in your essay starting from the introduction up to the conclusion. This kind of format is best recommended because it eliminates confusion.