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A List Of Top 15 Potential Topics For Your Argumentative Essay On Medicine

Many students dream about becoming doctors, but only a small percent of them can achieve this dream. It takes years of study and to get there, not to mention all the things that you have to give up to. On the other hand, it is a very rewarding career, so it’s worth fighting for it. Before you can reach there, you have to be familiar with the things that you will encounter. Try to write about these topics in your argumentative essay:

  1. Patient confidentiality. As you already know, it is prohibited for the doctor to discuss with anyone about the condition of a patient, including with the family. Do you think that this is too extreme?
  2. Assisted suicide. There are people who choose to commit suicide with the approval of a doctor.
  3. The rights of children. When a parent denies the treatment for a child, the doctor is not allowed to act in any way. What do you think about this?
  4. Treatment of drug addicts. Should they be allowed to take pills and medicine?
  5. Religion. There are people who refuse treatment because of their religious beliefs. Are they right to do so?
  6. Plastic surgery. Should teenagers be allowed to get it without the approval of the parents?
  7. Experimental drugs. Are they safe?
  8. Vaccination and negative side effects.
  9. Organ transplant. Discuss about the most famous cases of organ transplant, and why this procedure is so important.
  10. Blood donation. Convince your colleagues to go and donate blood as often as possible.
  11. Legal medicine; how can the doctors find out the cause of someone’s death?
  12. Life support. In some unfortunate cases, patients can only be alive with life support machines. Although their body still works, their brain is not therefore they are no longer alive. Do you think that they should be kept alive with the machines until they die, or they should be disconnected?
  13. Antibiotics. Why is it not good to take antibiotics every time you have an infection?
  14. Liver damage. Discuss with your colleague about how dangerous fast-food is and how much it can affect the liver.
  15. Obesity. In the last years it is common to see obese children who eat junk food. Since their parents are not doing anything about it, should teachers interfere?