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List Of Free Ninth Grade Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Explore

High school freshmen are an interesting group of students who pose unique challenges. They are full of excitement, and have lots of ideas. These young learners also have to develop skills in presenting good arguments. It means more than just yelling an opinion, but backing things up with facts. It is essential to give them topics that are interesting. There are quite a few and here are some that you can use that will not cost you a penny.

  1. 1. Do cheaters win in the long run?
  2. 2. Are smart phone good for learning or are they just handheld chat boxes?
  3. 3. Are standardized tests any good for learning?
  4. 4. Is there too much teasing on Facebook?
  5. 5. Should major companies collect information online about teenagers?
  6. 6. Do reality TV shows create unrealistic career expectations?
  7. 7. Does gun control really stop murders?
  8. 8. Who is under more pressure in high school: boys or girls?
  9. 9. Are minorities represented well in the media?
  10. 10. Is there any value to year-round school?
  11. 11. Should corporal punishment be used on high school students?
  12. 12. Does gym class have any real value for later life?
  13. 13. Is it too easy to get good grades?
  14. 14. Are four years necessary for high school degree?
  15. 15. Should creativity be taught in high school?

Any one of these topics can challenge the student to think and present a good argument. What also is true is that these topics are age sensitive. A 14-year-old student is not going to be as logical and provide arguments as substance as an 18-year-old student. Some leeway has to be given for the fact that this is a young person. He or she is just starting to understand how to put together a good argument. The young people have to learn but it should not be overwhelmed.

The topics are assigned to the students and as a teacher you have to discuss structure and how to do a good job on the composition. You can check this website for ideas on how to teach argumentative essays to ninth graders. There are some ideas that make the instruction fun as well as informative. When you think of it that is the best of all possible worlds. If you can make learning less of a burden while still getting instruction across, you have accomplished quite a bit. This website is a very valuable tool for you to use in your job as a teacher. Please take advantage of what can be found on the pages.