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Choosing Good Essay Topics For 10th Graders: Tips & Recommendations

You want to make a good impression with your essay in 10th grade and the best way to do that is choosing a good topic. You need one that you can really get to grips with but there is a world of information out there and narrowing down your choices can be daunting.

If you pick a topic that is popular, then you risk setting your teacher yawning at yet another essay on this subject. If you pick an obscure subject, then you might not be able to find enough information to support your argument.

That deadline is not going to go away so how do you set about choosing what to write about.

Setting about finding that great idea for topics

  • - Check out the news feed on the social media site you use. That should show you ideas that are trending. While often these news items can fade away after a couple of days, one that sticks around for a bit might be a sound choice of essay topic.
  • - If you really must write about something popular, then try to take an unusual angle on it. For instance, if you want to talk about legalizing marijuana for medical purposes consider discussing the need for more medical research rather than all the anecdotal “but my cousin’s friend’s daughter got better because they used it”.
  • - The inner pages of local and national newspapers often have interesting out-of-the-ordinary stories in them that might spark an idea for your work.
  • - Look at the family photograph album and ask your family members for the stories behind the pictures.
  • - Pick something interests you. There is no point in choosing a subject that you are not enthusiastic about. The best written essays are by people who are passionate about their idea.
  • - If you have a list of topics and cannot figure out which one to pick, then ask a friend or family member what they think.

Some essay ideas to get you started

  1. 1. Have you a special toy that you can never throw away?
  2. 2. Something crazy that happened while you were out shopping
  3. 3. Can you work why some TV shows are so popular?
  4. 4. Are laws always thought through properly before they get passed by our legislators?
  5. 5. Explain the expression “beauty is only skin deep”.
  6. 6. What superpower would be best for you?
  7. 7. Should teachers wear a uniform if students have to?
  8. 8. Does space exploration give value for money?
  9. 9. Should the voting age be lowered?
  10. 10. Is animal research acceptable?