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How To Write A Strong Argumentative Essay For High School Students

If you are studying at high school then there is a good chance that you will be required to write an argumentative essay that some point. In fact, as well as been referred to as an argumentative paper, this style of academic paper is also known as a persuasive essay. Therefore, if you have written a persuasive paper in the past, then you should have some understanding of what to do.

Essentially, this style of academic paper requires an individual to discuss a certain topic. Whilst discussing the topic, any points that are made should argue in favour of a particular point of view relating to that topic. Ultimately, you will want to convince the reader of a particular stance that you have taken, using a variety of different arguments that support your view.

Choosing which side to take

Whilst it may seem obvious that you would choose to argue about a particular point of view that you agree with most, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the focus of your paper. In fact, you could even write an academic paper in which you argue for the opposite point of view to that which you actually believe in. In fact, if you are to take this approach, then you may find it more challenging, but far more rewarding, as it will test your skills at writing this style of paper.

Structuring the work

The structure of your paper will very much depend on any requirements that have been predetermined before you start. For example, if you are writing a simple five paragraph essay then the structure will be very different to that of a dissertation.

However, taking the example of a five paragraph essay, you can gain an understanding of the basics of how to structure the work, and then adapt this for any other paper. For example, with a five paragraph essay you will need to open with an introduction, which should be one paragraph in length. The introduction will essentially inform the reader of what it is that you will be discussing, as well as the point of view that you will take.

The next section is the body section, and will consist of three paragraphs if you are writing a five paragraph paper. In this section you will include various arguments that support your point of view.

The final section is the conclusion, which will be one paragraph long when writing a five paragraph paper, and will look at any evidence that you have put forward in the body section, as well as the introduction, so as to wrap up the essay.