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Picking Up Persuasive Essay Topics In Psychology For High School

Topics of essay change its nature depending on the genre of write ups. There are several formats like argumentative where you have to argue on a specific topic and interpret the though process in your reader’s mind, there is compare and contrast essay where you have to talk about the similarities and differences about a topic. Every format of writing has its own speciality. One of the most special one to write about are the persuasive essays.

What is a persuasive essay?

It is a form of write up where you have to persuade your reader on a particular topic. You have to incept the ideas in your readers mind. The overall writing should be quite strong and should have an eloquent structure. Once reading it people should ponder over your ideas for lifetime. It is similar to that of an argumentative essay but differs slightly as here you don’t need to argue on a topic rather you need to pursue. You have to show the validity of your point to your readers.

How to choose a persuasive essay topic (generalized):

  • The first thing to be clear of is the subject on which you want to write about. It has been mentioned here to be, “psychology”. Well that is quiet an interesting subject and you need to be quite particular about choosing a topic.
  • Secondly you have to determine the complexity of the topic that you are choosing. You should not go for a topic that you don’t find yourself in a comfort zone to write about.
  • You need to have enough sources of material for your topic. A topic without much information and data would be much tougher to write about. You need to be quite vigilant about your choice. Do the analysis before choosing the topic else later you would be facing problems completing your essay.
  • Identify the controversy of your topic. This is one of the most important things that you should do before choosing a strong topic. You have to know where the controversy lies and which points should be punched harder to influence the readers.
  • You should gather enough supports for your topic else you won’t be able to come up with good points for the readers.

Some psychology topics for school:

  1. 1. The effects of excessive pressure of studies on the kids.
  2. 2. The increasing trend of technology is taking a big chunk away from the kids.
  3. 3. The effect of smoking is catching on the youngsters-discuss.