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Top 11 Offbeat Sociology Essay Topics On Education

The question you should answer before settling for any topic is why it is the most appropriate title to headline your paper. The answer must reveal the following about your chosen topic.

  • Freshness- the chosen topic should enable you to make a fresh contribution to the academic world and more so to your discipline of study. This calls for avoidance of topics that are mundane and have been studied over and over. Though the subject might not be fresh, the perspective adopted should be new to your reader.
  • Specific- the words used and the scope of your topic should focus on a particular issue. Avoid generalization since it will not give you the opportunity to expound on your ideas. A topic that is too narrow on the other hand might fall short of expected length or restrict your arguments to an unreasonable extent.
  • Relevant- your essay should tackle an issue of concern to the society. Pick a topic that resonates with your readers as opposed to working on an area that no longer captures the imagination of your readers or scholars. Relevance also means that it is in line with your discipline of study.
  • Passion- have you chosen the topic out of passion? Passion is a vital ingredient in coming up with an excellent essay. It helps you gain insight since this is your area of interest. With passion, you will make stronger arguments and gain satisfaction completing the paper.

Here are 11 topics you can consider for an essay on education sociology.

  1. The relationship between poverty levels and education achievements
  2. Education as a way to escape poverty
  3. Access to education and its relationship to entry into crime
  4. The family as a reference point in achieving social education goals
  5. Failure of modern systems of education to address decadence in moral values
  6. The education connection in terrorism
  7. Crime as a result of failed education systems
  8. Children socialization and their perception towards education
  9. The influence of celebrities on the ability of the young generation to pursue education
  10. Social perception of vocational education and its impact on their uptake
  11. Social media and its impact on education among teens

A sociology education essay must address a social issue and expound on its impact on education or how it is impacted by education. Read what other writers say about the subject to provide a good context for your paper. All points given in your paper should be supported by credible references.