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A List Of The Best Topics For Creating An Impressive Descriptive Essay

An impressive descriptive essay can be a joy to write. With a top notch topic, you can actually have fun creating an essay that can also be a true joy to read. The key to crafting an epic descriptive essay is using vivid words and choosing a clever topic. You should write about people, places, things, events, or ideas that you know well so you can get deep into the description and bring it to life.

If you are going to describe a person, you should be sure to include the physical qualities and the qualities that make the person truly unique. Some of those unique qualities can include a person’s walk, style, or hand gestures. Here are few topics you can use when writing about people:

  1. A person you would really like to meet
  2. A person who you would not like to meet
  3. What makes a person earn respect
  4. The ideal political candidate
  5. Someone who inspired you

It is much easier to write about places than people because there are so many vivid descriptive words that can be used. When you write about a place, use the 5 W’s as well as subtle distinctions that might not be quickly recognized. Here are a few topics about places:

  1. Describe your favorite place without using the sense of sight
  2. Describe a popular childhood place
  3. Describe your favorite teacher’s classroom
  4. Describe the place you love to eat
  5. Describe your favorite place to visit for vacation
  6. Describe a place from the eyes of a child

Objects come with a sense of sentimentality. When describing an object, it is important to include the reasons why it brings an emotional connection. It is also important to include the physical description as well as the sensory qualities of the thing. Here are a few ideas for topics about objects:

  1. The object that reminds you of your favorite relative
  2. Your favorite childhood book
  3. Your childhood bicycle
  4. Your yoga mat
  5. A concert ticket

Events tend to be perfect topics for descriptive essays. They offer such a full experience, with people, place, things, and ideas, making it a complete package for an essay. Here are topics that work well with experiences:

  1. Holiday experiences
  2. Your favorite concert experience
  3. Your first day at college
  4. The time you won something
  5. Your first day on the job
  6. Eating a memorable meal
  7. Learning to swim, ski, skate, etc. (a physical challenge)