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Coming Up With Strong Argumentative Essay Topics On Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering is an interesting and thought-provoking topic that offers up a lot of different avenues for students to explore. The sheer amount of material that is present in this context is staggering and put together, it can provide students with a keen eye with tons of unique approaches. However, writing an essay on genetic engineering is more than just about the content.

You have to consider the topic as well and ensure that it is interesting enough to hold the attention of the readers. You have to be careful to choose a topic that can appeal to general readers and utilise the available material to its fullest extent. This task is very time-consuming and tedious and some students do not have the opportunity to conduct so much research. Thankfully, we have done all the heavy-lifting on your behalf and come up with a few strong argumentative essay topics on genetic engineering that are sure to go down well with your professors and audience. You can find them below.

List of genetic engineering argumentative topics

  • What is your personal opinion on genetic engineering? Does it enable mankind with the medium to play God?
  • Do you think genetic cloning is controversial? Just how far along has the process developed in the context of the field of genetic engineering to utilise it for daily applications?
  • Do you think that human experimentation is right to further the cause of genetic engineering?
  • Discuss the ethics of genetic engineering. How did it give rise to the trend for designer babies?
  • Do you believe that genetic engineering is a necessary evil? How do the pros of the subject fare against the cons?
  • Explain a few of the Catholic and Islamic views on genetic engineering and show whether there is any merit in them or not.
  • Is genetic engineering a sign of the future? Do you think it will have more relevance in the coming times?
  • “There is no genetic definition of humanity” - Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.
  • Compare between the merits and evils of genetic engineering.
  • What is the relationship between reproductive freedom and genetic engineering?
  • Give your viewpoint on genetic cloning.
  • What is the main goal of genetic engineering? Do you think genetic perfection can be a reality?
  • Why is there a clear lack of genetic diversity between plantains and bananas?
  • Are there are lifelong health benefits of mandatory genetic screening?
  • Describe the moral implications of genetic engineering.