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13 Strong Essay Topics On 100 Years Of Solitude

Almost every teacher dreams of setting an assignment on the “100 Years of Solitude” by author, Gabriel García Márquez. It is a novel with so many layers, depths, hidden meanings, comparisons, that students need to do some pretty strong research before writing an essay surrounding the book. It was first released in 1967. The story revolves around the Buendia family, and its patriarch finds the Colombia-like, fictional town of Macondo. This novel is an excellent example of the Latin American boom in Literature of the 60s and 70s.

Here are a few good essay topics to write on 100 Years of Solitude

The following topics should help you in basing a strong essay to hand in:

  • - The first and most important topic that you can write an essay on 100 Years of Solitude is the significance of the title. What does the solitude extend to? How does that solitude influence the mental and physical health of the characters?
  • - The Importance of the Language and the use of Colours as symbolism.
  • - Viewing the novel as a Sociopolitical Allegory. Discuss, how it is relevant in current sociopolitical situations, especially in places where the local culture or language is slowly fading away.
  • - An essay on the significance and changing perception of the people of Macondo towards Inventions.
  • - The comparison of Dreams and their counterparts in reality. There are many recurrent images portrayed. Pick one and analyse.
  • - An essay which depicts the similarities or comparison of the novel to the Book of Genesis, in the Bible. Macondo, like Paradise, is created and meets an eventual downfall. One can also find references to the seven deadly sins in the novel.
  • - The author was known also for his Magic realism which is abundantly apparent in 100 Years of Solitude.
  • - An essay which deals with the various historical themes that the novel is based on.
  • - The novel gives a very strong message about failures in parenting throughout the generations of the Buendia family.
  • - The depiction of large-scale violence where the reader is unsure of which side to sympathise with.
  • - The basic style of writing maintained throughout the novel. Written in a matter-of-fact manner as if the author is stating facts. There is no direction of the reader towards any moral high ground.
  • - You can discuss the stability between the Buendia women and the Buendia men.
  • - Last but not the least, who is the Hero of the novel?